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G was well established in 1990, specifically manufacturing clothing fabrics, lining mesh fabrics, cloth, shoes and hats. Yuan Peing have rich experience in producing clothing fabrics over 20 years, made from high-tensile synthetics such as polyester, polyamide and etc. We also could meet the client’s special requirements and design satisfying samples for our clients. In order to keep up with the trend nowadays, we research the latest technology of knit and develop a new computerizable system to promote the capacity and enlarge the scope of the mesh fabric products. Those can offer our customers the service of multi-purpose and high quality. 
If you are looking for wonderful clothing fabrics or have requirements of ODM and OEM, please contact us immediately. We look forward to hearing from you.

The materials mostly used for
  • Bride dress, female underwear, dress surface for men & women.
  • Outdoor casual wear: mountain-climbing clothing, safety- vest, raincoat lining.
  • Sports casual wear: jacket lining, vest, sports dress.
  • All kinds of lining It depends on the differences of materials and purposes to apply to surface or lining, which also can change the raw materials, design, and specifications to comply with the new products in accordance with customers' special requirements.

Likewise, we offer various finished processing, such as, paste, fireproof or tarpaulin to reach the effects of comfortable, beauty and usability.