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Advantages/features explanations of irregular air permeable and shading mesh cloth

The product is made of textile fabrics and raw materials with special process to reach the effect of air permeable and shading. We deal with weaving and ingredient by specially process to make cloth have air permeable and shading effect and have better quality of elasticity, abrasion resistance and tear strength than the others. It is stable quality, simple work process, unlimited figure designs. By different requirements, a profession can choose different twisting, yarn types, warp and weft numbers to produce products suitably. In the particular produce process, the product uses weaving mesh cloth, thermal- plasticity painting, and polymer materials through blowing procedure, and printed pattern project to be a painted one. It replaces traditional plain weaving mesh cloth, and applies to wide ranges.

Applicable scope

Folding chair, casual chair, beach umbrella, handbag, shoes, air permeable sofa, folding screen, roller blind, vertical blind... and so on. The product honorably has earned the ministry of economic affairs' innovation prize and the patent of producing process in Taiwan, China mainland, Germany, America... etc. for 20 years.

Explanations of abrasion-resistant material quality

High-tech abrasion-resistant material uses ARMIDE that is high strength and develops from super strength fiber of polysulfide ammonia and compounds the method of colored litmus process. It does not feel thorny in appearance, which keeps proper motion.

Explanations of Features
A. Abrasion resistance:
It has great abrasion resistance by interlacing ARAMIDE short fiber, nylon fiber and lycra, then painting tear resisting gel in the surface.
B. Heat-resisting effect:
It has excellent characteristics of high temperature-proof and insulation by using ARAMIDE fiber.
C. Operation:
It has vibration-proof, anti-slip, long life in use and good economic profit. Antistatic Fabric

Antistatic Fabric, so called Conductive Fabric, fits for making clean room garments masks, shoes, or related furnishings. It was interwoven with antistatic yarn usually. Should it break, accidents will easily happen caused by point discharge. Whiled our product is mix textured evenly with antistatic fabric and cotton fabric, its uniform conductivity prevent human body from such danger. It helps make the working garments possess splendid static control properties, excellent dust filtration, & remarkable chemical resistance. In addition to highly stable, superb, & long-lasting antistatic properties even in low humidity, it's treated with repeated washing resistance, sweat-absorbing, lint-free & soil-release finishes, and it creates great wearability and touch.

Combustion-proof fiber materials

The kind of cloth is made from the process that adding combustible-proof additive which is non-toxicity phosphide in polymer process then through fusion weaving, so essentially there is permanent anti-combustible effect. It has passed the tests, including the inspections of NFPA 701, CNS10285, Rule 63196A-1, Rule D, andCAP184-1980 Section7... and so on. Applicable products: silk fabric, knit product, mobile heat shield, curtain, hospital partition curtain, furniture cloth... and so on.

Pet recycled fabrics

We heat and melt them, then compress the fusible resin and put them in the round disk with tiny holes to melt. Then using the recycled material to spin into the yarn and weave to the fabric, staple fiber yarn, original cotton.

Producible merchandise

pullover, sports clothes, jacket, workstation partitions uniform, gloves, Polo shirt, handbag, and hat. For example:
Transparent plastic bottle is able to recycled one T-shirt. And one T-shirt is made from one and half transparent plastic bottles (Pet).